114 – misunderstandings, The Lord’s Army – The Shadowlands Radio Program

There is a GIANT misunderstanding about being a soldier of God. And I’ll spill it right up front, it is a spiritual war, we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Jesus called us to be wise as serpents but gentle as doves. That basically means we are called to be slaughtered. And forgive those that slaughter us. Even as they do it.

We should not be wishing death on anyone, even our worst enemies. Back in the 1st century the Jews and Romans were killing Christians all the time, and what did Paul say? He said “I must get back to Jerusalem.” Why? to preach the gospel to those that would have him killed. Paul wished nothing more than to get to preach IN Rome, WHY? To get saved the very people who hate him.
And this show came about Memorial Day Weekend, so I mention our soldiers, and while I am anti-war, I am pro-soldier.

I gave the challenge that if someone contacts me, I will send them a Bible so that they can study God’s Word for them. And that is still open, contact me and I’ll send a bible (King James or NLT), your choice.