109 – You Got Questions, Romans 9 – The Shadowlands Radio Program

When I was coming back to Jesus, the one thing that kept pushing me away, and part of the reason why I refused to go back, was because I had been taught the Reformed Doctrine,

Reformed doctrine, which they prefer because they try to distance themselves from John Calvin, is a doctrine that claim God is not just in control, not just a sovereign as in a King, but literally controls everything, and degreed the very actions we do, that He, in turn, punishes us for doing. The God of Calvinism is a tiny, small god, because it is a god modeled after men. And notice they would say “He controls everything, how is that small?” Well, my God is a God that doesn’t have to force you to do something to get His way, He is like a Master Chess Player, He makes a move here and there, and He simply wins every time.

Go google “John Calvin Tyrant”, after Michael Servetus returned a copy of Calvin’s Institutes with critical notes written in the margins, Calvin went on to write a few angry letters back and forth with Servetus, eventually turning those letters over to the Catholic church and having him arrested when Servetus visited Geneva (after handing over everything it took to convict him Calvin left Geneva to make it seem like he wasn’t behind it) and then consented to allow Michael Servetus burned at the stake, and even directed his men to use non-seasoned wood “green wood” that way the fire would never get hot enough to burn him, instead it slowly roasted him to death, cooking him from the inside out. Listen, John Calvin was a monster of a human being, it’s really quite amazing to me that such a disgusting human being wrote what is the basis for a form of Christianity that is currently in its third insurgence.

We’re going to discuss Romans 9.

QUESTIONS: Did God hate Esau BEFORE he was born? Does the potter do what He wants with the clay?

SPOILER: The Potter has the right to do what He wants, but we, as the clay cannot UNDERSTAND why.