104 – You Got Questions, God’s Got Answers #3 – The Shadowlands Radio Program

Thank you for joining us, this is Pastor J. from the First Baptist Church of Marshallville, Ohio
This is the fourth episode of the new radio show, and I wanted to start out by giving an overview of the purpose,

I want this show to be about making the Bible and God accessible. Too often Christians will state their opinion, their fallible human opinions, and claim that is what the bible says. But this is MAKING a god after their-own-heart. YHWH, the Living God, is unlike anything we can imagine, He is unlike us, so much so that we assign human emotions to Him just to make Him more familiar. BUT today we are taking on:

The Question of Interracial Marriage and Separation!

God is so much bigger than us, and God is always correct, even though many Christians, and many denominations have been wrong on this issue, even though the very denomination that I am ordained in was founded on a racist INCORRECT belief, we will look into the bible and see how it said the truth the entire time. IF someone was willing to read it.