102 – You Got Questions, God’s Got Answers #1 – The Shadowlands Radio Program

Thank you for joining us, this is Pastor J. from the First Baptist Church of Marshallville, Ohio
This is the second episode of the new radio show, and I wanted to start out by giving an overview of the purpose, I want this show to be about making the Bible and God accessible. Too often we pit science and the bible against each other, when there’s no reason to do so, or we make religion and faith inseparable when they have nothing to do with each other. I want to help people who think deeper or question things when they don’t make sense, to know that it is okay, God can handle all your questions, and He is bigger than your doubts.

Question: Why Do Bad Things Happen?

There was a myth in Judaism at that time that said “People who were born with disabilities were being punished for either theirs or their parent’s sins” meaning if someone was going to do some terrible sin, God knowing that in advance might make him be born crippled. Or that if a parent did a bad enough sin their child might be born disabled as punishment. This belief came about because of a few verses in the Old Testament.

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